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Happy Spring!

Hello Everyone, my apologies for not updating my blog sooner...meant to when I returned from my week at OHI, but stuff just continued to roll and it got away from me.

So!  My week at OHI was great....a very new experience for sure! One week of raw foods (no oils, no nuts) with a 3 day raw juice fast (all veggie)....well, I did it, but I'm not going to say it was easy.  Wasn't that I was hungry, but more that I got sick of the sight of cold veggies, no matter how you present them!  Who knew how wonderful a WARM meal is! But I will say, it is a unique and healing experience. The people who come there are all ages, and for all sorts of reasons.   Many have gone there many times over the years....Staff wonderful.  Lots to learn too!  I highly recommend it...and for my Texas family, there is one in Austin!

Now that I am clean as a whistle after my week of cleansing, I learned all of the ins and outs of the Cellect-Budwig protocol and am ready to begin.  Well, it's not THAT there are steps, timing of supplements, juicing, special products to get.... And then finding a way to streamline this so that each day isn't so complicated!  Working on it....

My next step will be to have a consultation with a doctor in Mexico who has worked extensively for decades wtih cancer patients, in particular Stage IV. I'm anxious to see what he has to say....he is highly regarded work his work.  That appt is on Friday.....

Not much else is new...Some days I'm pretty energetic, and other days it's just a giant snooze.  The limiting factor is my heart....that is rather frustrating as there just isn't something that can be done that I know of.  But the shortness of breath and the cough limit my activity and also make me tired.  Really praying for some relief there....

Okay, everyone, the weather has been beautiful here, our Spring is going to be colorful with all of the rain.  Hope you're getting outdoors and enjoying it....

Thank you all for your prayers, your well wishes, and fun cards!

Much love,


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Pam threw a punch at your cancer.
Alilee, VIcki sent you a prayer.
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Way to go Ann!!!!! So proud of you for doing OHI can't wait to hear about all that you learned. God Bless.

Dear Ann,
You are in my thoughts and prayers.
With love,
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