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And the therapy is.....

I have to write to tell you all that the visit to Dr. Munoz in Tijuana was just amazing!  The purpose of this visit was to review the results of my lab tests and the chemo-sensitivity test.  

Cheyenne and I successfully walked to the clinic (and back!) and it is not a difficult trip at all.  It was good to have her with me to hear all of the results and I hope it was encouraging for her as well!

In brief here are the key points:

1. By the cancer markers (Dr. M ran 3, in the US they typically run one), the cancer does not appear to be going like wild fire.  If you saw my markers in a healthy person you would say they now have the probablility of getting cancer, not that it is present.  So, since we know I have active cancer, it says it is not super wild.  YES!

2. From the chemo sensitivity test: The chemo Oncology wants to use (Gemcitabine) is NOT  the most effective.  It's pretty effective, but there are two others that are MORE effective and can be given in small doses with nearly NO toxicity as it can be combined with insulin (insulin potentiated therapy).  

3. All of my other labs all look great....those of a healthy woman.  My immune system is working and I am in a good place to go full on attack now.

The therapy that will be used is extensive so I'll just highlight the sections:

1. Low dose insulin potentiated chemo.

2. Whole Body Hyperthermia.

3. Metabolic therapies (a very long list...these are the natural therapies determined from the Greek test to be most effective),

4. Hormone therapy ( picked up cells of my "old" cancer...the one that was estrogen sensitive.)

5. Immune therapy (which includest  two vaccines made from my blood (autologous); one that re-programs (modulates) the immune system and the other isolates dendritic cells and trains them to identify and destroy cancer cells)  This is a long list of very interesting approaches.....and it will be determined which, beyond the vaccines, will be used as we move along.

6. Supplements:  I'll meet with a dietitian to review supplements, etc.  Apparently she is of the Gerson therapy method which involves juicing.  I'm on that already, so I have a jump start....  

So, my trips will begin tomorow and be daily.  I'll go early in the morning and be back by noon or so.  Often I'll have somone with me, and sometimes I won't.  Cheyenne can attest to the fact that it is a relatively safe trip....I think the biggest danger is tripping on the broken pavement or getting hit by a crazy driver!

All in all, I'm feeling pretty good!  Please remember that the limiting factor is my heart...NOT the cancer.  It's the shortness of breath and chronic cough that keep me from doing all that I used to.  And it makes me tired...  BUT we're working on that as I mentioned before, Dr. Munoz is far more concerned about my heart than the cancer!  I have MORE questions in to my cardiologist and I'll let you know if there are any significant changes there...  

That's it for now...time to go juice some veggies.  

Be Well and Happy Easter Time!


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That sounds great...all but the whole body Hyperthermia. I'll be interested to hear how they do that.
Great news. Glad you aren't going to take Gemcitabine! I will look up the insulin potentiated therapy. Sounds very interesting. Glad it's an easy trip as well.
I hope you will have someone walking with you to the clinic every day. I am working on a passport. Anita
I've decided, Ann, that your journey should be novelized and reflect the buttons on your blog page. Instead of "Eat, Pray, Love" your title should be "Fight, Pray, Hug" :-) Love you, Big Sis.

Ann Supporters, if you get a chance, take a day and go down with her. Not only will you experience Tijuana differently, but keeping company with my Sis is a scream! :-)
Love the idea, Robert! And thank you for putting out there that anyone with a passport is welcome to come down!
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Just south of the border....

Hello All,

Happy Spring everyone!  For my San Diego friends, has it not been just beauitiful after that HORRIBLE (ha ha) winter??  So good to feel that warm sun and that balmy breezes again.  

I was reflecting this week about how I am just no good at journaling....I've tried to buy different styles and sizes of journals, used journals with prompts, called it "jotting" to try to fool myself...alas, none of this works.  And now shows itself in how poor I am at writing this blog.  The funny part is I like to write....  it shall remain one of life's mysteries, I imagine!

So, write I will today to update you all.  First and foremost, thank you to all who have sent me cards, well wishes, and all of the other wonderful loving gestures.  They ALL count!

To begin, I can report that on the physical side of things I am no worse (I don't think!) than I was before.  Keep in mind that it is a complicated thing to know what is what....but we do know that currently the limiting factor, that thing that makes me not feel good, is my heart damage and the accompanying shortness of breath, tiredness, annoying cough, and limitations on activities.  But, other than that, I feel okay!

I must confess I am not super peppy....I think I am at the place in the dosage of the cannabis oil that it makes me quite "slow" at times, I need to sleep more often, and just kinda melt into the couch ...ha ha, gotta laugh cuz it is so counter to my usual M.O.  It is good, restorative rest :-).  

Update from cardiology:  We did change my meds and it may have helped a little bit.  I am still asking questions as I am not quite satisfied that we've done all we can and that some of the "course" has been cut short due to my diagnosis.  It's a frustrating situation to deal withas I'd like to optimize how I feel!

Much is the same in the cancer treatment arena, except that we did venture down to Tijuana a week ago Friday and met with the doctor there.  (For those of you who know Edit, she accompanied me...thank God!  She is spokesperson extraordinaire!  And of course, what would be an excursion with Edit without something going a little wonky.)  After much thought and deliberation, I have decided to start a treatment protocol through the clinic in Tijuana, probably as early as next Monday.  This Thursday Cheyenne and I will travel down again so that I can get the results of the blood tests and find out what protocol that will include immune system building, designer vaccinations, etc.  will be recommended. All I know is that it will span over 6 - 8 weeks and will start with me going down daily.  I'll be anxious to find the most efficient way to get down and back...I'm sure I'll learn a lot over these weeks!

For now I have declined further PET scans but can get one anytime I want to see how things are progressing....we shall follow symptoms and then any other tests the doc in TJ would like to see.  

So, I am a different way than before!  I was thinking that I never felt like I retired....instead I stepped into a new full time job.  I also spend a lot of time resting (whether I really want to or not!)...and it's good!  Most days are pretty quiet and slow, as for now the focus is on healing.  

I'm not too swift on answering emails, and even texts....but I do so appreciate them.  Please know that I will be very busy over the next several weeks just doing the 'border dance'....I will ask Cheyenne to post for me if any cool developments come up.  Please trust that all is well and moving along according to plan!

Be well and eat your veggies!




Robert sent you a hug.
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I love my BIG SISTER!
I am going to apply for a passport today so that I can accompany you on your adventure for a cure!
Keep up your great march to recovery. I'll renew my passport too just in case you need a driver. Definitely start that Co enzyme Q10
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