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Ann's Cancer Blog

Happy Spring!

Hello Everyone, my apologies for not updating my blog sooner...meant to when I returned from my week at OHI, but stuff just continued to roll and it got away from me.

So!  My week at OHI was great....a very new experience for sure! One week of raw foods (no oils, no nuts) with a 3 day raw juice fast (all veggie)....well, I did it, but I'm not going to say it was easy.  Wasn't that I was hungry, but more that I got sick of the sight of cold veggies, no matter how you present them!  Who knew how wonderful a WARM meal is! But I will say, it is a unique and healing experience. The people who come there are all ages, and for all sorts of reasons.   Many have gone there many times over the years....Staff wonderful.  Lots to learn too!  I highly recommend it...and for my Texas family, there is one in Austin!

Now that I am clean as a whistle after my week of cleansing, I learned all of the ins and outs of the Cellect-Budwig protocol and am ready to begin.  Well, it's not THAT there are steps, timing of supplements, juicing, special products to get.... And then finding a way to streamline this so that each day isn't so complicated!  Working on it....

My next step will be to have a consultation with a doctor in Mexico who has worked extensively for decades wtih cancer patients, in particular Stage IV. I'm anxious to see what he has to say....he is highly regarded work his work.  That appt is on Friday.....

Not much else is new...Some days I'm pretty energetic, and other days it's just a giant snooze.  The limiting factor is my heart....that is rather frustrating as there just isn't something that can be done that I know of.  But the shortness of breath and the cough limit my activity and also make me tired.  Really praying for some relief there....

Okay, everyone, the weather has been beautiful here, our Spring is going to be colorful with all of the rain.  Hope you're getting outdoors and enjoying it....

Thank you all for your prayers, your well wishes, and fun cards!

Much love,


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Way to go Ann!!!!! So proud of you for doing OHI can't wait to hear about all that you learned. God Bless.

Dear Ann,
You are in my thoughts and prayers.
With love,
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What's Happening!

Hello Family and Friends....while it is me (Ann) posting, most often it will be Cheyenne posting on my behalf.  But to get started, as you all know by now I have Stage IV breast cancer that has metastisized to the lymph nodes in my chest.  Oncology says there is no cure and any treatments will be palliative.

Additionally, I am sorry to say that I was also told this week that the meds I am on for my cardiomyopathy (remember, a side effect of the toxic chemo 13 years ago) are not working.  No response or improvement in my heart function.   Hmmm....not sure I have much control over that one but am asking lots of questions.

All of this didn't sit too well with me....can't just accept that as the end all, be all!  And so, I have spent the past few weeks seeking, finding, and starting alternatives to see what MORE can be done, beyond just the usual medical model, regarding this cancer diagnosis.

Therefore, at this time, I have opted out of chemo....which, as I said, is NOT a curative....but whose only 'hope' is to slow the progression.  Perhaps I can do that, and more, in another NON-toxic way....

So, to jumpstart my journey I will be going to the Optimum Health Institute, located right here in San Diego.  For one week I will doing a detox and cleanse using juicing and raw foods.  Also, it is a place for healing of the mind and spirit as well.  I am also looking for more leads from God....and think that in the quiet of this week I will be very open to His further direction!  So, if you are inclined to pray, please pray not only for my healing but wisdom as I choose my path.  Here is a link to where I am going!

In addition to this cleanse, I have started a 60 gm protocol of cannabis oil.  If you are not familiar with this, you can google "Rick Simpson Oil" to get some information about the development of this.  Truly fascinating are the number of powerful curative properties in cannabis.

My next approach is through a complete revamp of my nutrition.  This cleanse will be a very good jumpstart, although I have "cleaned out" my diet quite a bit already.  I will be following the Cellect-Budwig protocol, combined with juicing.  Face the facts...I am going pretty much vegan.

I am looking into alternative clinics, but have not felt strongly about any one just yet.  Again, looking for direction!

That's it for now....Cheyenne promises to update this blog regularly with any new developments.  

Thank you all for your well wishes, prayers, and love.  


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I look forward to sharing a vegan meal with you, but, at the same time, I'm happy knowing I cooked a little something off the menu while I was there.

Much love, and see you in April!
I too, have started with the beet juice and the CBD oil. I did chemo and radiation, but I want e=something better. I will be praying for you and if you need anything, even to talk. Let me know!
Oh , and I also started the Braggs apple cider vinegar. Disease cant live in an alkaline based system. And we are growing our own veggies.
Sending hugs, prayers and wishes for a good week.
I will be thinking of and praying for you as you choose the next path. I love you!!

OHI looks great Ann P! I believe!!
Not a day goes by where you're not in my prayers. Rooting for ya Ms. Ann! You are amazing!!
We are all behind you Ann! The Cannabis Oil and dietary changes were extremely successful for me and can at the very least enhance your quality of life. Thank you for starting this blog!
Sending you love and light. May God bless you with tremendous joy and love, special moments with all your loved ones, and healing
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